"If you had to make an argument for the value of art, that is it: art is an instrument we use to find, through an object, a marker in space and time that helps us locate ourselves."
Antony Gormley

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Parallax Art Fair Free Raffle 21/07/2018- 22/07/2018


To coincide with my professional level exhibition at the Parallax Art Fair, Kensington Town Hall, London I am running a free raffle. Promotional flyers have been available at the event. One entrant will be chosen by random selection as the winner. The prize will be that the successful entrant will be invited to send me a found image of their choice which I will then digitally manipulate in the manner of my abstract works. The final image will be sent on to the winner completely free of charge.

For your chance to win, please just submit your name and email address to the Contacts section here at
There can be only one winner, and all entrants have an equal chance.

The raffle closes and the draw will be made on the same day, 21/08/2018.

Looking foward to colaborating with you, good luck to all!

The Making of "Tron" (1982).


Before Ghost in the Shell and The Matrix, there was Tron. Interesting to take a look and see those predictions for the digital age that have now come to pass.
"Greetings Programs...!" ...more

Angel of the North: The icon that was nearly never built


The Angel of the North's iconic status is taken for granted. Yet it was so nearly never made. Strong local opposition, engineering difficulties and even the doubts of its own creator, Sir Antony Gormley, threatened to scupper it several times. ...more

A new space-saving solution for Japan's car parks...


Japan's first Gundam-inspired folding car. ...more

SpotMini- the chivalrous robot...


Today Boston Dynamics posted a video of its SpotMini quadruped robot extending an arm out of its head to turn a handle. With the dexterity of a tray-carrying butler, it uses its foot to prop the door ajar, then elbows it all the way open for its (armless) SpotMini friend to walk through. ...more

What Blade Runner 2049's dystopia tells us about 2017.


Blade Runner 2049 was released a while ago now, so it's probably ok to share this article. Definitely a very interesting read.
Spoiler warning if you haven't seen the film yet...! ...more

Heroes are ordinary people that do extraordinary things.


Steve builds affordable prosthetics for children all over the world from his garden shed. ...more

The world’s first 3D-printed titanium rib-cage is a medical marvel.


It sounds like something straight out of a comic book, but after losing his sternum and part of his rib cage to cancer, a 54-year-old Spanish man received the world’s first 3D-printed chest prosthetic made from lightweight, but incredibly strong, titanium. ...more

Kurt Vonnegut’s dystopian future has come to pass


Author foresaw the threat to civilisation and the crisis of meaning created by automation ...more

Facebook Robots shutdown after they begin talking to each other in a language only they understand


Facebook abandoned an experiment after two artificially intelligent programs appeared to be chatting to each other in a strange language only they understood. ...more

CHAPPiE - Who am I in this body?


"You are not something that is a result of the Big Bang, on the end of the process, you are still the process..." Interesting short video cut to the thoughts of Alan Watts. ...more

GHOST IN THE SHELL Trailer & Featurette (2017)


Scenes and short documentary for the upcoming live-action adaption. ...more

Seven shocking sights at the Istanbul Design Biennial 2016


Not so much shocking, but definitely thought-provoking... ...more

Technology is reducing human disabilities


Interesting article, worth a read! ...more

Space travel in stasis is coming sooner than you think


Spooky, but definitely cool.. ...more

This robot chose to injure the man who built it. Here’s why its inventor is pleased.


Breaking the three laws, what would Isaac Asimov think? ...more

Iron Man and Captain America costume designer makes spacesuits for Elon Musk's SpaceX astronauts


Just found this on a random web-search. Blurring the boundaries of reality and fiction. Could Elon Musk be a real-life Tony Stark? ...more

Hyundai's "Iron Man" Exo-Suit


Hyundai's invention reveals that human enhancement is more reality than fiction. No flight capabilities yet, though... ...more

5 Amazing Robot Designs 2016


Interesting short documentary, well worth checking out...! ...more

Future Technologies


The future is not so far away after all...amazing to think all of these techs are already here. Interesting innovation, but also some scary possibilities ... ...more